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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Jul 23, 2019

Content. Content. Content. 

Content is king. Content is everything. Content is what matters. Right? 

Today’s companies are hyper focused on content. Content creation. Content production. Content marketing. But what if that focus was misplaced? What if most, not all, but most companies are going about it the wrong way? 

Once upon a time, content marketing was very much defined as simply, “Let’s go create content!” 

The problem with that approach is that once you have all of the content, you’re left with a very real problem. What do you do with it all? You’ve got piles and piles of content, and no idea how to get it in front of the people that YOU need to see it. 

How do you justify all the money you spent on making that content? In order to get an ROI, you’ve got to actually USE the content you produce.